Accounting Services Romania

We endeavour to have a meaningful impact on our customers’ businesses, challenging the standard paradigm of a standard accounting services company.

We put all our knowledge and skills to assist our clients in reaching their business objective. As business advisers oriented on human relationships, we strive to achieve a deeper level of understanding, paying attention to each and every detail. We value the discipline and the work well done, yet we believe that a collaborative approach plays a crucial role when we talk about finance and business success.

We strive to fully understand each client, business history, dynamic and specific of every market and put all our efforts to anticipate the evolving needs of our clients in order to deliver customized premium financial services for their growing businesses.


We are a private accountancy firm, based in Bucharest, with an entreprenourial mindset and more than 10 years history on the market, providing financial and fiscal services for local and international companies. We are fully committed to constantly improve our practice and to support our clients in achieving their business goals.

Contabilul Tau is the exclusive member of MSI, a leading international association of independent legal and accounting firms with over 250 carefully selected member firms in more than 100 countries. Also, we are affiliated to the main certification and Romanian evaluation organisation, CECCAR.


Our services

As a business partner, we provide a wide range of well-tailored services to our clients, always united with an in-depth knowledge of the local business environment:

  • Setting up new firms
  • Accounting
  • Outsourced CFO
  • Payroll & HR
  • Tax Advisory
  • Grants and funding

Our clients

As a long-life partner, we work close with various clients trading in different markets. Through transparent reporting we can help you define your financial and accounting vision. No matter if you are start up or anestablished business, if you are looking for a committed financial partner to achieve your business goals.


Meet Our Advisors

In a brief presentation, as the entire team decided projects and results actually speak for themselves.